12-hour beginner hackathon with the theme of promoting diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity in the local Greater Vancouver Area's tech community!

Build Day is now the 12-hour hackathon, our LHD crown jewel, and our biggest LHD event of the year! Students new to technology will have the opportunity to come together and learn how to build cool projects together. Build Day is much like UBC Local Hack Day (LHD) in previous years, but since we've expanded into THREE events this year, we have repurposed "UBC Local Hack Day" into an umbrella term for all our LHD events this year including Learn Day, Build Day, and Share Day.

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Chris Hobbs

Chris Hobbs
TTT Studios

Cinda Heeren

Cinda Heeren
UBC, Dept of CS

Anthony Chu

Anthony Chu

Judging Criteria

  • Theme
    Our theme is "diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility". How well did this hack solve a problem related to this theme? (Out of 7 Points)
  • Creativity
    Is the project idea original? Does the project strive to solve a real problem? (Out of 7 Points)
  • Execution
    How well did the team integrate resources and technology in their project? Has the team considered further applications of the technology? How realistic is it? (Out of 10 Points)
  • Pitch
    As a user or investor, how sold are you on the demo/pitch? How clear is the idea that the team is trying to convey? (Out of 7 Points)
  • Bonus Points
    For teams that went above and beyond! (Max. of 2 points)


  • Social Good